We have recently installed chloride dioxide dosing equipment after a request from our client to explain and offer a water hygiene method to control and manage microorganisms such as Legionella and Pseudomonas.

The chlorine dioxide (CLO2) generator and dosing equipment was selected as it is able to provide continuous protection with less impact on the water system than chlorine.

After the initial consultation the site was surveyed and a suitable location for the installation was found. The installation work was carried out in a controlled environment ensuring all those affected by the work was informed.

Following the installation, the equipment was set up, calibrated and ready to provide healthy water to all outlets fed from the cold water storage tanks. Weekly and monthly monitoring of the chlorine dioxide generated and the consumption of the make-up chemicals followed.

Chlorine dioxide is a very effective disinfectant used when required to control legionella and inhibiting the growth of microbial biofilms in which they tend to grow. 

It is therefore recognised as an effective biocide and disinfectant to control the risk of Legionnaires’ disease associated with hot and cold domestic water system.